Microcurrent is a low level of electrical current that mirrors the natural current flow of the body. It serves as a non-invasive augmentation of the body’s natural electrophysiology through frequency, polarity balancing, and homeostasis. The effects of microcurrent (electroporation) in clinical medicine has demonstrated acceleration of healing bone tissue, wound healing, muscle rehabilitation, TMJ, tendon repairs, lymphedema, diabetes, and collagen remodeling. It is also Botox’s best friend as continued use of neurotoxins make the muscles atrophy; MC builds the muscle.

This treatment is touted as the lunchtime facelift. It lifts, tones and tightens while creating a radiant glow by reducing fine lines and wrinkles, increasing elasticity and stimulating collagen production. This is the go-to treatment for a big event.*Micro-current should be administered at least 7-10 days after botox treatments*

  • Promotes cell metabolism and tissue repair
  • Supports circulation – blood and lymph
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Diminishes lymphedema
  • Helps increase mitochondria activity through increasing ATP by 500%
  • Increase natural production of collagen and elastin
  • Support scar repair by dispersing scar tissue and collagen remodeling
  • Increase protein synthesis, (GNG) and membrane transport.
  • Reeducate and rejuvenate muscle tissue
  • Supports healing of bone Heals skin ulcerations