Just Cherries Please

So when is National Cherries Jubilee day? Said no one ever. But I am here to tell you it's tomorrow September 24th. And it should be celebrated... I mean who doesn't love a bowl of hot cherries smothered in ice cream and liquor?

This classic elegant dish was first served at the jubilee of Queen Victoria and is often prepared for 25 and 50 year celebrations. The original recipe is far healthier than the latter as it did not include any ice cream. It was simply poached cherries in simple syrup flambeed with brandy. It's a beautiful presentation and the flavor is nostalgic. 

Cherries are well known for their wide range of health benefits and studies have shown they may reduce blood pressure, arthritis and CRP, the major blood marker for inflammation. They are rich in polyphenols and vitamins E, C, and B which make them excellent for the skin and hair.  

They also improve mental health by decreasing cortisol levels and by enhancing memory. And last but certainly not least, their levels of melatonin promote a well rested beauty sleep.

So go ahead and have two bowls this year!